In today’s challenging environment, many New Yorker’s are faced with a variety of legal issues. You may be struggling financially from the burden of high interest credit cards and sub-prime loans or Family issues like divorce and child support or maybe even criminal prosecution. Nieroda & Nieroda is here to help! We have been helping Long Islander’s like yourself for over 20 years.

Legal problems, at times, can be overwhelming but our attorneys can provide you the assistance that can help you succeed. Our main office recently relocated to Central Islip, one block north of the Cohalan Court Complex on Carleton Avenue. If you have any of the following issues please give us a call today.

Daniel Nieroda Sr. is the expert mediator, a member of the NYS Council of Divorce Mediators and has successfully mediated hundred of cases. But if Mediation is not an option, he is also a skilled Litigator who can navigate the more complex and difficult cases through the courts.

DIVORCE/CUSTODY and CHILD SUPPORT, DIVORCE MEDIATION - No Fault Divorce has become the law in NY. Divorce, Custody & Child Support issues are stressful and take strong but sensitive attorneys to protect your rights. Daniel W. Nieroda, Sr. is a trained and experienced litigator and Divorce Mediator ready to help. OUR DIVORCE MEDIATION SERVICES HAVE SAVED CLIENTS THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OVER LITIGATION!

MORTGAGE LOAN MODIFICATION and REAL ESTATE ISSUES - We have successfully helped hundreds of home owners to reduce both the monthly payments and the interest rate on their current loan. Recently, we helped a client modify their loan from an adjustable of 9.25% to a new FIXED rate of 2%. This means you get to stay in your home and pay a much lower payment! Barbara L. Nieroda past president of the Suffolk County Women's Bar Association and is an active member of the Real Property Committee of the Suffolk County Bar Association and is experienced in all aspects of real estate and foreclosure.

CRIMINAL LAW - If you, a family member or friend have been arrested for any crime, we can help. Daniel W. Nieroda, Sr. is a former U.S. Marine, retired NYC Police Lieutenant and a former Prosecutor with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. Mr. Nieroda has handled cases ranging from DUI to murder. You can trust his years of service to the community and experience with all types of criminal law issues.

CHAPTERS 7, 11 AND 13 BANKRUPTCY - Daniel W. Nieroda, Jr. has been helping clients eliminate or restructure their debt owed to Creditors and lenders for the last fifteen years. Debt includes credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, overdraft fees and even mortgage deficiencies. Stop or avoid wage garnishment and stop annoying, harassing phone calls. Imagine waking up with no Debt!

WILLS, TRUST AND ESTATES - When we prepare a Will we usually include the Living Will, Health Care Proxy and the Power of Attorney. These documents together provide a comprehensive planning mechanism for your estate planning and saves money. Barbara L. Nieroda is also active on the Surrogate’s Court Committee of the Suffolk County Bar and has experience with Wills, Trusts and Estate litigation.