Litigation is the process of resolving a conflict either before a court of law or through certain legal channels. A litigation attorney prepares for trial from the inception of the matter to ensure a posture of knowledge and strength are integrated into the negotiations.

Daniel W. Nieroda, Sr., is a legal professional experienced in both civil and criminal matters and has prepared both civil and criminal cases for trial, bringing them before the court and supervising their resolution. The process of litigation involves many elements, including, filing and responding to pleadings, seeking to discover evidence from the other side, legal research, filing and arguing motions, taking depositions of important witnesses, maintaining communication with opposing counsel, conferring with clients and, if possible, attempting settlement.

As a former assistant district attorney, and currently as defense counsel and matrimonial attorney, Mr. Nieroda has extensive litigation and trial experience. His ultimate goal is always to represent the best interest of his client in the best possible manner.