Loan Modification

Having trouble with your mortgage payments?
Our Loan Modification Program is right for you.

Nieroda & Nieroda is a leading provider of loan workout and loan modification services for New York and Long Island. The goal is to help you save your home by making your payments more affordable through our loan modification program.

A loan modification is a permanent change of terms in your existing mortgage. Nieroda & Nieroda will take the mortgage that you currently have and renegotiate the interest rate and terms in order to create a more affordable loan payment schedule. Once the process is completed, a loan modification will give you a fresh start with your lender; bringing you up to date and making you current. Unlike a standard refinance, a loan modification is not associated with costs such as closing fees, legal fees, surveys, appraisals, title charges or taxes. Instead, a loan modification allows you to retain your current loan number and to continue making payments to the same lender or servicing company.

Once your specific case has been evaluated and you have been accepted into our program, Nieroda & Nieroda will assign an attorney and a modification specialist to your case who will guide you from the beginning to the end of the process. Nieroda & Nieroda prides itself on our customer service and highly personalized approach to the process. Your personal modification specialist will be available to answer all of your questions, help you to gather the necessary paperwork and will provide you with helpful counsel. In addition, you can trust Nieroda & Nieroda to handle all communications and negotiations with your bank or mortgage lender while providing you with regular status updates on the progress of your file.